• Thursday, 13. August 2020 13:33

Vyskudra Down! Oh and some other dragons too, I guess.


Let's recap:

Solteris splits resulted in exactly one icon Ball of Sunlight. Our monks were sad. Gear was still plentiful otherwise.

Our planning committee came up with an ambitious goal to crush Secrets of Faydwer, but Guild Union Contracts dictated we could NOT break the "casual" part of our "casual, yet competent" playstyle. Raiding outside of standard days was nixed, so we followed the schedule while trying to find a loophole. We succeeded in abusing our raid core's trust maximizing guild benefit by splitting our runs of Meldrath for extra flags.

"Work harder, pixel slaves!" - Raid Overlords

We collected the oily leavings from Meldrath's box (lol) and made our way into Crystallos... just in time for the Coronavirus to make every normal strategy of "stack here and hit boss" defunct.

Fuck you, COVID-19! My raid, my rights!

Social distancing is tough to figure out when Vyskudra murders you for that, too. Despite our best efforts to adapt, we all realized what had to be done to secure a win.

The risk was worth it. *cough* Please don't tell the Cyber CDC on us.

With the end boss of the expansion defeated, we celebrated by rushing to the store because we heard that a shipment of toilet paper had just come in.  Forgot all about the news article that would come with an expansion clear.  A few weeks later we actually brought a ranger to raids and found out that there were two other dragons under a trap door for some reason. No screenshots, but I did get an artist's rendition of the last fight:

Player positioning in this isn't right at all; the humper was further up the head.

With the expansion finally (finally) over, we settle into our farming routine until we all inevitably end up on ventilators from our reckless desires for loot.

Drama Minute!

A transparent guild is a trustworthy guild. Even the strongest bonds have acetone poured over them sometimes.

One of our members quit the guild (for, like, his fourth or fifth time) due to a personality conflict that resulted in a line being crossed by the newly ex-member. We take these matters seriously and had our Human Resources team complete his offboarding process accordingly.

n addition, Summation has taken a preventative measure that will help raise awareness and promote guild harmony moving forward.

"A Scarlet Letter reference would be too subtle; gimp mask and cropped tee it is." - Summation HR

Recruitment Talk

We have plenty of tanks, and cannot reasonably accommodate/gear more of them at this time. We'll let you know if this changes.

If you would like to main basically any other class in raids, what are you even doing on a non-truebox server we would love to have you join and will treat you with all the shittalking you open yourself up to right. You can reach out to Bapt, Candae, or Disil for more information.

Stay safe, and good health to you all.


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