• Tuesday, 26. January 2021 12:39

Operation Encore: SUCCESS


If you spent your evening on Ragefire tonight, you might have seen some yellow text about Two Gods getting their asses kicked more times than you'd expect.

Wait, those guys are in the same guild!

Summation has successfully defeated Mayong and Solusek with one raid, then REPEATED the process with another raid.  To date, we are the ONLY guild on the server that's split this fight, but it's a return to form for many of us.

So what does it mean?  Here's a shitty meme to help explain:

2,000 more Phosphenes per week
Four more Two Gods loots per week
We get DRENCHED in gear, weapons and click effects

Vince knows a thing or two about drenching.

Basically, it means we end up primed to thrash MMM and Crystallos when Secrets of Faydwer launches (even if we still can't get a icon Ball of Sunlight to drop).

Loot Corner

Let's talk weapons briefly, because after having a drought for several expansions, we've managed to collect more than 20 weapons for our raiders in January alone.  About half of them have gone to mains, with the rest making their way to alts.  Even more of them will go to alts if we don't get more mains, which leads us to...

Recruitment Talk

It's just been three weeks, and I'm proud to report that we have negative attrition totals for the expansion.  While there hasn't been a huge influx of people from Ragefire or otherwise, we have had more players come back to the game to play with us than we've lost. 

Even so, there's still room for new, attentive players who know their class(es).  With five weeks before the next expansion, that's just enough time to make sure you're a good fit and get you geared.  Once we're grinding down Faydwer's content, there will be less time to worry about recruiting until we've reached our goals and you'll have missed out on a ton of DKP and experience.

Talk to Bapt, Candae, or Disil for your chance at hanging with the best.


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