• Tuesday, 26. January 2021 12:45

New Year's Resolution: Actually Post News


"Look at this sorry excuse for a News page.  People probably don't even know we still exist.  Someone should post something..."
"Good idea, Disil!  It's your job now."
"... wait, fuck."

Hi there.  I bet you're wondering what we've been up to, so let's fill you in:

  1. We got DKP up and running on the new site.  Nothing else mattered to literally everyone.

    "I got my raid ticks, we're good." - Literally Everyone

  2. We trashed Ashengate and Frostcrypt weekly, and got about four weapons total in the TSS period of our raiding.  Most of them were icon Bale and Brimstone.  A single icon Arcekor, the Instigator dropped and went to a tank who promptly went to the store for cigarettes.  (We're still waiting for you, Stardad.)

    Life sucks and then you get eleven shoulders.

  3. We still cleared everything each week regardless.  We don't take group photos because our therapists say they trigger repressed something-or-others.
  4. Kainne declared a planned absence.  Everyone was sad because "Stupid Shit Kainne Does" is the highlight of our off hours.
  5. The Buried Sea launched but this jerk enchanter had to go and disappear for two weeks.  Word is he had something to do with impeachment hearings in the House, but that's all hearsay.

    He hasn't denied the hearsay, though.

  6. Solteris tried its best to keep us from making progress by giving us events that need eight tanks.  Unfortunately for Commodus and Balreth, our alt tanks are almost as high quality as our main 3 tanks.
  7. More weapons dropped in one week in Solteris than the game dropped in twelve events for fourteen weeks prior.
  8. Krin realized that beating the Two Gods event would already be considered cool, and went on to create something to play before it can get cool.
  9. Solusek and Mayong were outed as the easiest event in the entire expansion.  We don't take group photos (see #3).  They should have made it a raid hide-and-seek like in the Solteris flagging chain.

    Even by Sony Online's standards, that's a stupid idea.

And then we farmed Solteris some more.  Welcome to the present.

Our raid team got a nice break for the Christmas and New Years holidays.  It's a scientific fact that absence makes the heart grow fonder and we've had some time to celebrate, open presents, and get a solid dose of family to the point where we can't stand being around our relatives that are disappointed that all I do is play that dumb game instead of doing something with my life like aspiring to be a docto...

... our raids start back up this evening.


We're awesome at clearing raid content; it's what we do.  We run efficiently with our numbers, but it would be nice to have some new people to keep things fresh.  There's no shortage of good loot that just goes to alts, and more quality raiders means faster clears, more clears, and even more loot. 

Recruitment is open for all individuals.  It doesn't matter if you solo or have a small crew as long as you can play them competently in a raiding situation.  Check our About Us page for an idea of how we operate, and reach out to Bapt, Candae, or Disil to find out how you can be a part of this.


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